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September 05, 2006


I really love waching Steeve on
anamail planet. I wish you could
give us bindi and steeve's email.

I am going to miss Steve Irwin, for I watched him whenever he was on the Animal Planet. It was one of my wishes to be able to go to Austraila and see Steve, but I never got the chance. I feel as if I have lost one of my own family. There will never be anyone that will ever be able to take his place, on Animal Planet, or in my heart. I know all the animals are missing him terribly,even though they can't talk, they have to have an empty space in their hearts for their beloved Steve. I send all my wishes and heartfelt love to his grieving family. I know the loss of Steve has to be tremendous to his family and co-workers. May he look down from heaven and be pleased that his work will carry on. May God watch over all of his family and all of those that are grieving for him now and always. Farewell my Aussie friend I will never forget you.

The world has lost a great and gregareous conservationist. His shows were one's that I watched on a regular basis. Sorry for the loss for his family and the world.

The news of Steve Irwin's passing has touched me deeply. I have been a fan for many years and enjoyed watching all Mr. Irwin's adventures on Animal Planet. Mr. Irwin had a way about him that made you feel you were right there with him. The way he would educate about a certain animal was wonderful. Until I started watching "The Crocodile Hunter" I never liked, as Mr. Irwin would say "Crocs" but Mr. Irwin’s passion for the animal and the explanation of why crocodiles do exist in this world gave me a new respect for the animal and because of Steve Irwin I learned to like the crocodiles and alligators of the world. It was that passion for all the animals in the world that Mr. Irwin extended that showed the world as well as myself to appreciate wildlife. There will be no other like Mr. Steve Irwin. I grieve for Mr. Irwin, his family and friends. Though things will not be the same for his family and all that knew him they were graced with the honor of knowing him and having him in their lives and we as viewers and fans were honored with getting to see the love he had in his heart for all things big and small. Thank you to Steve Irwin and his family for allowing us as fans to see what made Steve Irwin passionate and happy to share with others. My prayers are with all that knew him and love him. Though his loose was too soon stand proud in knowing that Steve Irwin made a difference in this world and was much love by those that never got a chance to meet such and extraordinary person.

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