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July 27, 2010


the best !

Watching 07 rerun about drag behind a semi to save gas. Dad used to get about 10 feet behind semis going from oh to fla every year in vw bug and it pulled us along easy. Mom screamed, me and dad laughed bug rattled a lot no problem. Waste of a show guys. Plus ever heard of NASCAR ?!

Our Adam bobblehead has Jaime's talking chip in it. Did anyone else get a set like that?

Cool episode, Adam and Jamie thanks. We in Ukraine look at it with gusto.
There is this idea: Is it possible to hide the metal from the metal detector!
I know that if you can hide it in a different metal (forgot the name - the guy came to us he had a metal bracelet of large size and it did not react to metal detectors)

haha good ol' Jamie Hyneman. I remember that episode when he was drunk! hahahaha so funny.

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